Create a flag for the digital or real world installation
Brighten up the world with kindness
Have your flag fly as part of an installation

Kindness in the Wind

The flags you see here carry messages of hope, peace, love, and kindness. They were created through organizations and by individuals – citizens of all ages, races, and religions. They are intended to serve as reminders, to all of us, of our personhood and our opportunity to make this a much better world by extending acts of kindness to every person we meet.

Create a Flag

Now it’s your turn. If you’re a poet or an artist – or just someone who wants to make your voice heard in favor of a kinder world – put your message of hope on a digital flag and upload it using either Facebook or the utility provided here. Be creative – kindness has many faces. Show the world what kindness means to you . . . and help make the world a little kinder.

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